Security Engineer #723-16888

Job Description

Job Duties:

  • Planning, assessing and deploying new technologies / tools such as Zero Trust, SASE, Cloud Security Solutions, etc.
  • Manage and be SME in existing security technologies / tools such as EDR, IAM, IDS/IPS, SIEM, etc.
  • Assist internal and external partners with integration with security technologies and provide guidance on best practices
  • Mentor Interns and JuniorSecurity Engineers in Professional development
  • Identify security gaps in the Copart environment and provide recommendations on remediations
  • Conduct assessment of existing infrastructure (on-prem and cloud)
  • Be Willing to learn new Cyber Security technologies by any combination of the following: Certifications, Self-study, conferences, participating in the security community etc.
  • Present security risks to management and help design Solutions
Business Line
Copart, Inc.


  • 3+ years of experience in Cyber Security Engineering or similar position.
  • Knowledge about Cyber Security technologies / concepts such as Zero Trust, SASE, Cloud Security, IAM, Firewalls, IDS/IPS, EDR, SIEM, etc.
  • Working knowledge of various security standards and compliances such as NIST, CIS, GDPR, PCI
  • Basic understanding of networking protocols and their functionality
  • Hands-on experience with all the phases of Security tools deployment such as initial assessment, planning, designing, deployment, ongoing management, etc.
  • Basic coding / scripting knowledge in python, PowerShell, etc.
  • Great communication & presentation skills and ability to explain complex technical issues to non-technical audience
  • Previous experience with infrastructure technologies such as Active Directory, Server Management, O365, Endpoint management, Network management, etc. is a plus- Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) experience is a plus
  • Previous experience working with cloud technologies (from security perspective) such as AWS, Azure, GCP is a plus
  • Knowledge / Experience of other Cyber Security fields such as Incident Response, Threat Intelligence, Risk and Compliance, etc. is a plus
  • Knowledge / Experience with SIEM use-case development is a plus
  • Knowledge / Experience with developing / conducting security audits is a plus
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