O&M Tech IV, Measurement

Date: Sep 29, 2021

Location: Columbia, IL, US

Company: Enable Midstream

Position Summary

Responsible for the daily operations, maintenance, troubleshooting, testing and calibration of natural gas measurement equipment. Performs gas quality and contaminant testing for compliance with the company’s gas composition requirements. Maintains and troubleshoots communication equipment and systems for reliable collection and transfer of measurement-related data to the main computer systems. Maintains and troubleshoots control valves and pressure regulation at receipt and delivery points. Reviews measurement data for accuracy and makes necessary edits of data. Performs all tasks in a manner that supports the company’s mission, vision and goals. Ensures that the facilities are operated, within safe operating limits, and maintained in compliance with all company policies and procedures and applicable local, state and federal rules and regulations including but not limited to DOT/PHMSA regulations.

This position performs responsibilities with standardized processes. Works under general supervision. Resolves routine questions and problems using basic principles of functional area. Refers more complex issues to higher levels. Follows established procedures to accomplish requirements of job. There is some latitude for deviation associated with this level.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

• Evaluate operations and make recommendations to procedures and guidelines.
• Coordinate field activities related to the installation, startup and operation of new equipment.
• May assist in the preparation and training of technicians for the certification tests and help administer the tests.
• Trained and competent in the operation and maintenance of gas chromatographs.
• Understand and apply the functional concept of operation of a gas chromatograph.
• Test, operate and maintain over-pressure protection control valves and regulators for DOT compliance.
• Install and calibrate analyzers used to detect gas contaminants. Configure systems to alarm or control on high-level detection.
• Perform analysis of balance segments and utilize computer tools to locate and correct faulty measurement data.
• Perform basic troubleshooting of transmitters and electronic equipment.
• Utilize electronic meters to apply principles of electricity flow in the resolution of electrical malfunctions.
• Competent in the analysis of flow and energy data and the utilization of tools to determine the correct data for an edit. Ability to perform the calculation of vents and unmeasured volumes.
• Maintain existing databases, spreadsheets, EFM programs, and other electronic files used in performing job measurement duties, and work planning/documentation files.
• Perform basic operational checks on gas chromatographs and ultrasonic meters as assigned.
• Apply AGA standards in the audit of meters.
• Application of AGA 3 standards for orifice metering in the field, including the routine inspection of the primary elements and basic troubleshooting.
• Routine verification and calibration of pressure and temperature transmitters.
• Install and maintain auto-samplers; obtain gas samples per GPA, API and Enable sampling methods.
• Install, calibrate, test, inspect, operate, troubleshoot and maintain electronic recording devices (EFM).
• Perform measurement calibrations and perform preventive maintenance on orifice meters according to measurement procedures.
• Analyze flow and gas quality data using various computer programs.
• May install and setup flow computers, sampling systems, solar panels and batteries, and radio communications systems on a new meter.
• Use applications to perform various calculations, create reports, send/receive emails and track meter testing.
• May perform one or more multi-skilled operations, maintenance and installation duties in addition to the primary roles and responsibilities listed above. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: measurement, electronics, dehydration, treating, corrosion, pipeline, compressor, gas processing plants, amine treating facilities and regulatory compliance functions with direct guidance.
• May conduct periodic “sniff” tests at the extremities of the system to confirm that the gas contains odorant.


Minimum Education & Experience

• Associates Degree or Vocational Certificate, or, Three (3) years’ directly related experience.
• Valid State Driver’s License.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities

• Knowledge in gas measurement principles, measurement equipment, maintenance practices and operational requirements for the accurate measure of gas flow and energy according to AGA, GPA and API standards.
• May be required to understand liquid hydrocarbon measurement.
• Knowledge and understanding of SCADA and the communications systems used in the operation of meter stations, control of flow and pressure, and data retrieval.
• Ability to read most types of documents related to engineering projects such as scope of work, project plan charts (GANTT), P&ID drawings, electrical one-line drawings, construction drawings and equipment manuals.
• Ability to perform advanced troubleshooting tasks on different communication equipment including Lease lines, modems, CDPD and Cellular phone systems.
• Knowledge of basic chromatograph operational concepts, calibrations and troubleshooting.
• Ability to operate, tune and maintain control valves and regulators for flow and pressure control.
• Experience and knowledge in troubleshooting and repair of all types of equipment pertaining to instrument/electrical trade: a) 4-20 mA signal; b) basic AC and DC knowledge.
• Maintain working understanding of the responsible meters and pipeline segment to maintain low ‘Lost & Unaccounted for’ (L&U) volumes and energy.
• Ability to develop spreadsheets and basic databases for analysis and record maintenance.
• Ability to keep abreast of new technologies and equipment used in measurement or communications.
• Ability to perform periodic measurement calibrations and perform preventative maintenance on all electrical, measurement, and instrumentation equipment, including linear, orifice and ultrasonic meters.


• Ability to effectively use a personal computer with MS Office Suite applications (Word, Excel & Outlook).
• Effective communication skills necessary to promote compliance with procedures and cooperation with individuals at various levels throughout the organization.
• Ability to conduct gas contaminant testing using industry methods similar to Kittigawa and Dreager tubes.
• Understanding of the process and requirements for calibration of process variables such as temperature and pressure.
• Ability to test, inspect, operate, troubleshoot and maintain electronic devices associated with measurement applications.
• Ability to work and participate successfully in a team-based environment to accomplish assignments.
• Operate as a self-starter with individual drive and initiative to start, develop and complete limited scope projects and initiatives. Coordinate scheduling of project work with multiple work teams. Prepare and submit all required documentation with guidance from more experienced technicians and/or supervisor.
• Contribute to a positive working environment. Respect differences in others and contribute to a harassment free workplace. Voice questions and concerns in a constructive manner. Seek to understand the opportunities associated with change, not just the potential for additional challenges.
• Ability to communicate effectively with field employees, management and public, both orally and in writing.
• Demonstrate commitment to compliance with applicable laws and regulations, company’s ethics code of conduct and other company policies and procedures.
• Respect and follow safety policies and regulations; scan the environment for objects or people who may pose a safety risk; encourage others to utilize safe and healthy work practices.

Physical Requirements

• Ability to exert in excess of 20 pounds of force frequently, and/or in excess of 10 pounds of force regularly to move objects.
• May be required to lift fifty (50) pounds or more.
• Physical ability to work around and on industrial equipment, including frequent climbing, stooping, reaching, pulling, pushing, twisting, bending, kneeling, crawling and grasping.
• Ability to move about unrestricted and follow safety and emergency response procedures and regulations.
• May be required to stand, sit, walk, stoop, kneel or crouch for reasonable periods of time.
• Ability to travel long distances in a motor vehicle.
• Ability to work in areas with limited access or cramped spaces.
• On a routine basis, may climb ladders, walkways and scaffolds.
• May be required to wear SCBA.
• Ability to work in a constant state of alertness and in a safe manner.
• Ability to use normal sense of smell to readily detect odorant in natural gas.

Working Conditions

• Ability to work in potentially hazardous environments.
• Ability to work with or near hazardous chemicals.
• Ability to operate personal computer for extended periods.
• Ability to travel frequently via truck (some overnight) to locations throughout the system to monitor equipment and perform work activities.
• Ability to work outdoors in weather extremes and near equipment with potentially high noise levels.
• Ability to carry a cell phone while on-call and respond to call-outs, potentially including weekends and holidays.
• Ability to respond to emergency calls and/or call-outs and return to work while off duty.
• Ability to work overtime (scheduled and/or unscheduled, nights and/or weekends) occasionally, as needed or required to meet established deadlines.
• Based on business requirements, may be assigned to shiftwork.

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