Hardware Engineer – Electrification Control Electronics

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Hardware Engineer – Electrification Control Electronics

It’s a Mission, not just a Job. As a multi-billion dollar leader of disruptive change in the automotive electronics technology industry, Visteon is shaping the future (while contributing to a cleaner environment) through pioneering innovations in its electrification product line — including electrification control electronics, power electronics and energy storage.

The mission of this role is to: Accelerate Visteon’s reputation for technical excellence providing Hardware-Software Interface expertise for the design and test of electronic components, equipment, systems and products by developing software solutions for the early Hardware Prototypes and providing guidance to the Hardware-Software interaction.

How You Will Spend Your Days

  • Designing cost effective and robust HW solutions to meet customer requirements.
  • Verifying electrical requirements at component and bench level testing.
  • Leading Hardware-Software Interface discussions.
  • Performing complex work assignments requiring independent problem solving and decision making, requiring strong firmware code implementation.
  • Working on assignments primarily involve senior/advanced level functional test code development.

Technical Knowledge, Skills and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in Electronics
  • Familiar with Power Mode Features.
  • Significant experience with C++,Linux, Python or any other programming language for low level drivers implementation or application development.
  • Experience with Electrification Control Electronics products architectures.
  • Experience reading or interacting with board layout, prototype construction, lab and field testing, troubleshooting, etc. specific to the automotive industry.
  • Significant knowledge of microcontroller debugging.
  • Experience with Digital signals/microcontrollers/GPUs.
  • Experience with communication protocols such as CAN, LIN, Ethernet, Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, UART, USB.
  • Experience with Schematic and ECAD design.
  • Experience with Worst Case Analysis Circuit.
  • Experience with Product development cycle for automotive products.
  • Experienced with the operation and usage of Vector CANoe / CANanlyzer.
  • Experienced in troubleshooting and root cause Software, microprocessor, and memory issues.
  • Able to interface with internal/external customers and component suppliers.

The Mindset and Key Behaviors You’ll Need to Bring

Visteon is a high-growth, fast-paced and entrepreneurially-spirited company.

Systems / Critical Thinking

  • Processes different types of information, which require complex analysis, correctly identifying key trends; uses incisive questioning to gain a deep understanding of issues and their wider impact; quickly generates appropriate solutions informed by previous experience.
  • Prepares well-written material for a range purpose; highlights the key facts and critical points behind an argument.
  • Works well with complex data and evaluates information effectively; makes full use of the latest technology and ensures others on the team do the same.


  • Is positive and optimistic about what the team can achieve; recovers quickly from setbacks and helps other team members to move on.
  • Appreciates the need for change, addressing ambiguous or uncertain situations directly; easily adapts to changing circumstances or demands, and helps others on the team to accept the unknown.
  • Seeks feedback related to own and team performance; deals constructively with criticism.


  • Interacts well with people across teams; communicates with enthusiasm and networks effectively.
  • Establishes rapport and puts people at ease; develops long-lasting relationships within and across teams.


  • Convinces people by making a strong case, bringing other people on the team to understand and agree with the presented viewpoint; negotiates effectively to get the best outcomes for self and the team.
  • Articulates information clearly, explaining complex information effectively and confidently in presentations to existing and new team members.
  • Challenges others to consider and discuss established views or assumptions that require further thought; effectively argues own perspective.
  • Demonstrates cultural sensitivity.

Elevates the Performance of Others:

  • Shares learning and growth opportunities within team when they arise and encourages others to work outside of their comfort zone by taking on new development opportunities.
  • Finds opportunities to individually coach others, providing specific insights and tips to enhance skills, knowledge or work performance.
  • Proactively provides ongoing constructive, behaviorally-oriented feedback to others within the team to increase future performance.
  • Delivers individual and group feedback to support performance and development.
  • Leads with empathy and respect toward all employees and partners.

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